NEXUS World Viewer

How to use NEXUS World Viewer

What is NEXUS World Viewer?

The NEXUS World Viewer gives you access to see important details and preview plots of Land for sale in the City Launches, giving you a head start on deciding which Land to claim when the City Launches begin.
Step 1: Head to our official NEXUS World Viewer
Go to our official website: using compatible browsers and devices:
Suggested Browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • MetaMask mobile in-app browser
Suggested Devices:
  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • iOS mobile phones
  • Android mobile phones
Step 2: Search the plot of Land
Use NEXUS World Viewer features to help you locate the tile of Land (you want to claim when the City Launches start):
a) Zoom Control
Use the zoom options to make everything on the NEXUS World Viewer larger or smaller. By default, the World Viewer sets the zoom level at 89%. The last level to see the hexagon borders around the plots of Land is at a zoom level of 89%. If you change the zoom level to 83% and lower, you won't be able to see the hexagon borders around the plots of Land.
b) Search Bar
Use the search bar to find your Land of choice by typing places of interest, latitude and longitude coordinates, Google Map URL (note: shortened URL will not work), or the Land's cell ID.
c) Color-coded "Land Rarity"
The color-coded "Land Rarity" scale makes it easy to see how many Flags are required for each Land. Common Land requires 1 Flag, Rare Land requires 3 Flags, Epic Land requires 9 Flags and Mythical Land requires 27 Flags.
d) Land Details Panel
Click any Land that piques your interest to reveal more information in a pop-up tab:
  • Land Details - A glance at helpful information about the Land, such as the cell ID, Landowner, Land rarity, availability, biome, latitude, and longitude coordinates. Each Land has its own art based on its Land features, which will be available for viewing shortly.
  • Cell ID: Each plot of Land has its own unique Cell ID.
  • Owner: The Owner field will display a wallet address if the plot of Land is already purchased and owned by a user. If you are the owner of the particular plot of Land, it will show "YOU".
  • Rarity: The Rarity of the plot of Land. The 4 Rarities are Common (81.7%), Rare (15%), Epic (3%), and Mythical (0.3%).
  • Availability: This field will show if the plot of Land is available for purchase from the World Viewer.
  • Biome: This field displays the Biome of the Land.
  • Lat/Long: This field displays the plot of Land's corresponding real-world location coordination.
  • Land Features - A quick look into natural features that make up the Land, such as mountains, terrain, bushes, and flowers, which will be revealed soon, closer to the first City Launch date.
Each Land in NEXUS World will have a unique combination of features. In other words, no two Lands will share the same combination of features.
e) Water Symbol and Affyn's Logo
You'll notice the Water symbol and Affyn's logo on some of the plots of Land, indicating:
  • Water - These are Water Biomes in the NEXUS World that are not open for exploration and settlement.
  • Affyn's Logo - These plots of Land are reserved by Affyn and not for sale.
f) The Toggle “Eye” Button
The toggle button shows and hides the display of Land rarity and other icons, such as the Affyn logo and Water Biome icon. This will allow users to see the area from a real-world point of view. Even in the toggle-off mode, you can still see the hexagon outlines from 89% zoom level onwards.
g) “My Location” Button
Use the “My location” button to take you back to your current location. Keep in mind that this feature only works if you allow the browser to know your location in your browser settings.
Step 3: Have fun exploring until you find the plot of Land you want to claim during the City Launches.