City Launch Details & Past Sales

Information on NEXUS World Land sales by City Launches

City Launch Details (Pre-game Launch)

From December 2022 onwards, we will be conducting our Land sales by unveiling city by city in waves of City Launches. During a City Launch, you will be able to take your Flags and plant them to select and claim plots of Land as your own.
Total Quantity of Land on sale in City Launch (Pre-game Launch):
Common: 32,680 plots Rare: 6,000 plots Epic: 800 plots Mythical: 90 plots
The quantity of Land on sale in each City Launch will be determined on a case by case basis.

Land Selection Process

The Land selection process during the Pre-game City Launch will be conducted in 2 stages. The first stage is a 24 hour head start for selected groups of users (e.g. whitelisted users), and the second stage is open to public users.
To give a fair chance to public users, the Affyn team will ensure that a minimal quantity of Land across ALL rarities will be available for purchase during the second stage.
First Stage: 24 hours before Public City Launch
Second Stage: Public City Launch
Process: Select your location, plant your Flags and claim your Land
Sale Format: The sale is conducted on a first-come, first-served basis

Flags Required per Land

Land Rarity
Flags Required
Flags can only be used to claim Land during the City Launch (Pre-game Launch) phase. Measures will be in place to ensure that all users who have Flags are able to utilize them to claim Land.

What happens after I claim a Land?

When you claim a Land in a City Launch, it will be directly minted into your wallet to become an NFT with its own unique artwork. Once the NFT is minted, you are free to list, trade, buy or sell your Land on OpenSea or other NFT marketplaces.
Each Land NFT has its own unique corresponding geolocation in the real world and can be identified by a Cell ID and its real world latitude and longitude coordinates. Land NFTs can eventually be utilized in the NEXUS World metaverse.
Land claimed using Flags are minted to become NFTs