NEXUS World Land

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NEXUS World Land

Virtual Real Estate

Land in NEXUS World is a digital representation of real estate in the virtual world that is mapped according to the real world. Each plot of Land in the NEXUS World is unique with its own special combination of Features and corresponding real world geolocation. The smallest unit of Land is one plot represented by a hexagon tile.
There are approximately 33.9 billion hexagons in the entire NEXUS World. These hexagons are categorized by their Land rarity into Common (81.7%), Rare (15%), Epic (3%) and Mythical (0.3%). Out of the total number of hexagons, about 9.8 billion are non-water (Land) — representing approximately 29% of the grand total number of hexagons.

Freehold Land

Freehold Land is Land in the NEXUS World that players own. While there are approximately 9.8 billion plots of Land hexagons in the NEXUS World, only an estimated 0.001% of them will ever become Freehold Land and minted into NFTs.
This means that each Freehold Land is an NFT. The maximum supply of Freehold Land ever in existence is 100,000. There will be special utilities, to be announced later, associated with owning Freehold Land as compared to other Land hexagons.
Freehold Land is the single most important digital asset in the NEXUS World as it is foundational and fundamental to its economy. By becoming a Freehold Land owner, you will get to benefit as the NEXUS World economy prospers over time.

Land Specifications

Each hexagonal plot of Land has an average area size of approximately 15,047.5m², with each side measuring an average of 65.9m.
actual size of an individual hexagon can differ from the average size
The 100,000 Freehold Land hexagons are categorized as follows:
Freehold Common: 81,700 hexagons (81.7%) Freehold Rare: 15,000 hexagons (15%) Freehold Epic: 3,000 hexagons (3%) Freehold Mythical: 300 hexagons (0.3%)
Each category will be differentiated by price and range of utility.

NEXUS World Land Details At A Glance:

  • Grand total number of hexagons in the entire NEXUS World: approx. 33.9 billion
  • Total number of hexagons that are non-water (i.e. Land): approx. 9.8 billion (29%)
  • Total number of Freehold Land available for sale: 100,000 (approx. 0.001%)
  • Average size of each hexagon: approx. 15,047.5m²
  • Average length of each side of hexagonal Land: approx. 65.9m
  • Categories of Land by rarity: Common, Rare, Epic and Mythical
Disclaimer: Information regarding NEXUS World Land is subject to change at the discretion of Affyn’s management