Land Rarity

Brief description of NEXUS World Land rarity

How many Land rarities are there?

There are four different categories of Land rarity in the NEXUS World namely Common, Rare, Epic and Mythical. Land rarity is distributed randomly and evenly throughout NEXUS World by an algorithm.
0.3% (300 Freehold)
3% (3,000 Freehold)
15% (15,000 Freehold)
81.7% (81,700 Freehold)
From left to right: Common, Rare, Epic, Mythical

What benefits do I get from owning rarer Land?

Higher rarity Land consists of more Features that provide benefits such as spawning rarer Buddies and more challenging Raids, thus attracting more players and placing more rewards at the Landowner’s doorstep. Higher rarity Land also has bigger Hometown sizes that can house more Citizens.
Hometowns with more Citizens possess higher visibility in the NEXUS World, as well as higher earning capacities for their owners.