Brief description of NEXUS World Hometown

What is a Hometown?

Each NEXUS World Land NFT is a Hometown and is a hexagonal plot of Land marked on the NEXUS World map. Only Land minted into NFTs are considered Hometowns. These special group of Land contain several attributes that differentiates it from other Land that are not NFTs.
Grow prosperous Hometowns and amplify your earnings

Play-and-Earn and Citizenship

A Hometown is the equivalent of a small country in the NEXUS World. In order to start earning from Play-and-Earn features within the Affynverse (Affyn's wider ecosystem), it is compulsory for players to enroll to be a Citizen in one of the many Hometowns in the NEXUS World. Players can apply to become Citizens for free and are not required to pay any fees for enrollment.
A player must be a Citizen of a Hometown before he or she can earn through playing


As the owner of a NEXUS World Land NFT, you are the Mayor of its Hometown. Mayors have full control over their Hometown and have the ability to approve, deny or kick Citizens. When Citizens earn in the NEXUS World, a portion of their earnings will go to their Hometown's Mayor as taxes. These earnings can take place not just in the NEXUS World but also in the wider Affynverse.
Become a Mayor of your own Hometown
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