User Restrictions

Details on user restrictions
Affyn is a Singapore-based company and is subject to Singapore's regulatory requirements. The following groups of users are prohibited from participating in our NFT sales and will not have full access to website features.

Restricted Territories

In compliance with Singapore-targeted sanctions and AML/CFT guidelines, these are the territories restricted from participating in our NFT sales:
Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burundi, Central African Republic, China (People's Republic of)*, Congo (Democratic Republic of the), Cuba, Côte d'Ivoire, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Palestine (State of), Russian Federation, Rwanda, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Yemen, Zimbabwe
*Chinese nationals residing outside of China are not restricted and will need to submit a Proof of Address. For affected users, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Minimum Age

Users below 18 years of age are prohibited from participating in our NFT sales.